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Channel 5 - Chernobyl

Alex Weller

Welcoming Alexandra Weller to the consultancy side of the business

Grey Hare Media provides CONTENT

Conference, Written, Audio, Video, Visual – we deliver the content you need 

Just google how important CONTENT is for today’s businesses; written, visual, video, audio or a mixture, it is the only way to guarantee your message hits the right mark.

We are a unique company providing a full spectrum of content support.  We “grew up” delivering to the security industry and this gave us a unique insight across the globe to what messaging works and what doesn’t.

The team has the “grey hair” of experience, the hare-like ears and eyes to monitor what is effective in content delivery and the speed and agility of the hare to run around the opposition and get you there first.

What we specialise in is simple – its content, outstanding content is what will get you noticed.

Some of our latest projects


NEXUS Extra with Matthew Moore

Jill Dando - The 20 Year Mystery

60 Minutes with Channel 9 Australia

Blockchain Impact

Helping blow away the mysteries of Blockchain and its relationship with security.

The Moment with Maxine Mawhinney

Delivering Conferences

Tinfoil hat special edition PODCAST with Jenny Radcliffe

Talk Radio with Julia Hartley-Brewer

I am a PTSD Survivor - with Vinny Hurrell on the Nolan Show

Talking North Korea and Cyber on TRT

Policing CyberSpace, Focus on West Africa

Our latest comments on the news

Some thoughts on Huawei and charges in the USA

More Quick Thoughts on the Drone incident at Heathrow on 08 Jan 2019

Quick Thoughts on the Drone incident at Heathrow on 08 Jan 2019

Heathrow and Gatwick to buy counter drone equipment

1000 English and Scottish Police to be trained to reinforce PSNI

More thoughts on Huawei and others before BBC Panorama on 8th April 19

Who are the New IRA?

A few bits on the New IRA who PSNI have blamed for the Derry Car Bomb

TV, Video and Podcasting

The team have worked with the BBC and other international outlets. We support exhibitions, corporate events, video news, TV hosting, radio, conferences and much more. We do it all.


Our team have professional accreditation, have broadcast from many different events, interviewed ministers and CEO’s, reported on tech and breaking news. We do it all.

Photography land and air

With the latest equipment and full editing capability the team contrubutes to Shutterstock, iStock and have our own growing library.  Stills, video and drone: We do it all.


With the expertise we have from business, intelligence, security, media, journalism professionals and more, we can help you get the information and knowledge you need. We do it all.

We have access to experts across all security, intelligence and geopolitical areas of interest.

These range from policy, through technology to proceedures and academia. If you need expert comment or a recognised conference host we can meet your needs.

Uniquely our team has planning, intelligence and security professionals who have done the job on the ground, giving our insights a credibility that is very rarely available.

Not only do we host and provide experts but if you need something organised then just ask the team.


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