Prevent – A must Do

Prevent – A must Do

Prevent – A must do for all

Prevent part of the UK’s Counter Terrorism Strategy known as CONTEST. Prevent works to stop individuals from getting involved or supporting terrorism or extremist activity. Radicalisation is a psychological process where vulnerable and/or susceptible individuals are groomed to engage into criminal, terrorist activity.

The Prevent Programme is designed to safeguard people in a similar way to safeguarding processes to protect people from gang activity, drug abuse, and physical and sexual abuse.

Prevent is one of four strands of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, known as Contest. It was created by the Labour government in 2003 and its remit was widened by the coalition government in 2011.

The other strands are: Prepare, Protect and Pursue.

Prevent is designed to support people at risk of joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorist activities.

About 7,500 referrals were made to the scheme in 2015-16 – the equivalent of 20 a day

Action was taken in one in every 10 cases.

No action at all was taken in 37% of the cases,

¼ of people referred were found to be vulnerable but not at risk of terrorist involvement.

The remaining 28% were still being considered.

Just over half related to Islamist extremism and nearly

One in 10 were linked to far-right extremism

My team get their advice from http://www.starconsultancyandtraining…. S.T.A.R Consultancy and Training Ltd offer unique training workshops and presentations delivered by practitioners with a wealth of experience in these areas including Counter Terrorism (CTU) and local authority.  The insight they have is fantastic and training delivery is first class.

STAR Consultancy

Global Counter Terrorism Conference

Global Counter Terrorism Conference

Global Counter Terrorism Conference and more

The Grey Hare Media team are supporting the UK Security Expo on the 29th and 30th November 2017 at Olympia in London and a flagship event at the expo is the Global Counter Terrorism Conference.

Given our relationship with the event we are able to offer special rates for the only paid element of the event, the Global Counter Terrorism Conference to Grey Hare Media contacts.

This exclusive two day Global Counter Terrorism Conference featuring a series of world renowned experts including head of authorites and senior government sepakers from across the globe.

So good even the mayor of Melbourne in Australia is telling the Australian Press all about it: Australia Herald and Sun

There are confirmed representatives from Barcelona, Melbourne, Brussels, The Hague, Rotterdam, London, and hopefully Berlin and Manchester.

Topics covered will include Border Security Post Brexit and free movement in the EU, Countering Radicalisation & Tackling Extremism, Cyber Warfare, UK/Europe/NATO and Trump’s America and Migration.

Keynote Speakers include:

>> UK Security Minister, Ben Wallace MP

>> Dr Erroll Souther – A former FBI Agent, who also previously served as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director in the California Office of Homeland Security and President Barack Obama’s first nominee for Assistant Secretary of the Transportation Security Administration.

The ‘Early Bird’ rates for the Global Counter Terrorism Conference taking place at UK Security Expo on the 29-30 November in London have now expired but for a limited time only I have a special code you can enter online to roll back the current prices to the pre Early Bird prices of £199+vat for a one day pass and £299+vat for a two day pass.

If you would like to attend the Exclusive Global Counter Terrorism Conference please select pass option ‘UK Security Expo Pass including Global Counter Terrorism Conference’ when booking online by clicking on the picture Global Counter Terror Conference and be sure to enter code GCTROLLBACK.

There are so many other events at the show that are free and one of the things I love about this event is that the organisers are not just about selling floorspace and getting random visitors – they genuinely want to add value knowing that it is adding that value that will encourage visitors and exhibitors.  This is the only event I see taking this approach.

Peter Jones who, with his great team organise the whole thing, is adamant that he wants to create the platform needed to enable the exchange of best practice, other ideas and a better understanding of lessons and technology in a way that brings together Government agencies and security forces, the private sector and equipment manufacturers to give a strong foundation to build the content on.

If you can’t make the Global Counter Terrorism Conference and just want to come to the event and other conferences which are all free then just click on the picture below and register for your FREE pass:

UK Security Expo


Alternative War by J.J. Patrick – Review

Alternative War by J.J. Patrick – Review

Alternative War by J.J. Patrick

I connected with JJ Patrick on Twitter after seeing some of his online activity and the thrust of what he was saying had more than a ring of truth. In a previous existence I had analysed Russian intentions regarding Putin from a long-term perspective.

I am an ex intelligence officer who has been following developments in geopolitics for years, I have also been briefing on and analysing multifaceted, non-combative tactics used in “influence” operations both as someone involved in influencing and someone being targeted by influence.  The term Hybrid Warfare had been used in many discussions around this but not articulated as clearly as JJ Patrick has done in Alternative War.

I am not a conspiracy theory advocate and tend to shy away from articles and books that purport to bring out facts to support a conspiracy theory as most of them are poorly put together bo***cks.  There was something about JJ Patrick’s discussions on Twitter that made me think this was different so I took the plunge and bought the book.

All I can say is I have not come across such a well-researched piece of what I would be very happy to call intelligence, where the facts are presented, assumptions, where made, are outlined and the thinking behind them justified and the analysis he presents is clear and logical.

Starting with the Trump quote about Sweden and weaving a path through the Trump and Brexit campaigns, JJ Patrick exposes some very real concerns about meddling.  He shows the power of Big Data and when used to manipulate an outcome, the very real effect a targeted psychological campaign can have.

It has been clear as Putin has consolidated his power over the years and he is a leader to be admired.  Admired because his job is to look after Russian interests and like the spymaster he was he is doing just that.  It is an old spy trick when passing information to where possible “influence as much as you inform.”  Influence is what he has done and the scary thing is we have watched him do it and members of our political ruling class have been the weapon systems he has fired.

This book is a must read for politicians, journalists, academics and CEO’s and directors of international companies.  It is a must read for voters as it exposes just how much of a mug many are if they believe the hype that comes out of political campaigns.

I feel this is just the start of something huge, well done JJ Patrick.

Click below to buy it from Amazon:

Alternative War