60 Seconds with David Evans

When and why did you establish TINYg?

In 2006, whilst in New York I was incorporating my own company Global Aware International at a Bank on 5th Ave. Whilst a great turnout from multiple sectors, I noticed that groups seemed to keep themselves in isolation of their own sectors. It struck me that more networking, integration of ideas and cohesion would be very useful. I had an audience pool of real talent and decision makers which could potentially be a group which would benefit from a different approach. New York and London were clearly inextricably linked in terrorist related methods and acts- this was an opportunity to form a group to share and network with a common goal. I established TINYg within days and used the original attendees in New York as a test bed to understand if there was interest, and soon added other International contacts and the group was born. Three months later our inaugural meeting was held in the glass atrium at Reuters, 3 Times Square, NYC.

How has TINYg grown and who are the members?

TINYg has grown exponentially and has delivered over 50 conferences internationally at locations such as London, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, New England, Singapore and Hong Kong. The membership covers 150 countries and continues to grow virally. It also has established partnerships with other similar organisations such as InfraGard, ASIS and the The Security Institute.

How is TINYg governed?

The group has a board of Directors, and an advisory council in the US, London and Europe. These comprise of industry leaders, academics, senior blue light personnel and government.

What is the ethos behind TINYg events?

TINYg network provides members with essential, timely, relevant and accurate terrorism-related global situational awareness. This allows private and public security professionals to be better informed for their own necessary threat analyses, vulnerability identification, risk mitigation and business continuity measures. The physical events provide a real opportunity to network with peers and understand other points of view, process and protocol – all at no cost to the members. The group remains a ‘not for profit’organisation

What is the focus for TINYg today and going forward?

The group intends to improve and provide its members multiple vehicles for rich information internationally, sector networking and continue securing it position in providing speakers that are thought provoking and highly informative. It also intends to provide further services that individuals or organisations if required

What sets TINYg out from other networking groups?

Firstly, there are some excellent groups that deliver- we are not in competition with them and I applaud them. We also work with many on the occasion that provides value to our membership.

The subject matter tabled at conferences and via the web is always on point and relevant with a range of speakers that are second to none.  The organization is respected that provides timely intelligence. The groups value, especially during “real world” events is evident. It is comforting to the membership that the contacts that TINYg has are worldwide and available at any time for assistance and exchange of information. The dedication of the executive board has proven the worth of TINYg- some other organisations have multiple geographical decision making hubs, but TINYg has a joined up International and consistent approach. Furthermore, it remains truly free to all members.