Grey Hare Business

The Grey Hare team has a wealth of experience.  Not everyone has been a media guru or journalist all of their working lives and we have our own in-house Intelligence, Counter Terror, Security and Geopolitical experts as well as our own web design, SEO, and marketing experts. We have access to specialists for almost any subject you might need and can elicit comment from a diverse range of contacts.

Use our team for your expert comment, advice or as a sounding board; you won’t be disappointed!

If you need advice, help, mentoring, an introduction or more just contact us – with the Grey Hair of wisdom and alertness of the Grey Hare if we can’t help directly we will know someone who can.

The team have worked with many companies over the years and not just in the Security Industry.  We have relaunched a cast steel manufacturer back into a particular business vertical, doing all of the planning though implementation and delivery not just to launch but to push already established suppliers out of the market.  The business is now worth in excess of £100m.

In addition, team members have helped an NHS charity deliver better obstetric training in the UK and overseas by putting their thinking onto a more business footing so that charitable monies could be better focused.

We have overseen the set up (and closure) of several businesses in the marketing and design arenas.

We have helped deliver marketing support to many organisations and businesses and understand the complexities of getting SEO right, of getting people onto Google Page 1, of increasing web traffic, of achieving the effect your business needs.

We write about new approaches to business and frequently give tips out in our blog.

We have the Grey Hair to prove our experience and dedication.  Use us. 

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Security scares people, how do you justify the cost to your board when a measurement of success is nothing happens? Well in reality it should be seen as a business enabling activity and this is where we have the skills or access to trusted people who can help. So from simple tasks like checking if your email address has been compromised through to detailed security surveys we complement our investigations department and aim to provide sound, cost effective, simple advice focused on enhancing your business.

Grey Hare Investigates

As a team with ex intelligence officers, professional journalists, including investigative journalists and access to a wide range of data, knowledge and skills, one area we can help is with what Donald Rumsfeld referred to as “needing to know what you don’t know.”

Let us use our skills to help you plug your information gaps.  Just ask and one of the team will be in touch.  All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and we have encrypted email, voice and data transfer means at our disposal.

So you need good Marketing and PR support and are thinking of an agency? Many agencies will allocate a good graduate with up to the minute knowledge of what was taught in their university course but little knowledge of life, your business, the world of security, intelligence or defence and almost certainly will never have worked in those areas.  The Grey Hare team have worked in all of them, and in industries at board level in sales, marketing and publishing. We have the experience to look after you and the Grey Hair to prove it. It costs you nothing to chat with us, what have you got to lose?