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With sales and marketing experience at board level in steel manufacturing, at running marketing companies, media companies and starting several companies up from scratch; working with mainstream press across the globe, trades press in lots of different areas and exhibitions and conferences galore we have the Grey Hair of experience.

Get It Done With Us

Business is complex and there are so many things to consider. Our team of of marketing and public relations specialists have a vast experience for you to tap into. We don’t deliver our solution that you have to buy, we deliver a solution tailored for you that will meet your needs.  This could range from advice, mentoring or a complete business overhaul. Its easy for you as if you have a problem or  question we can get you a solution or an answer and usually see you money in the process.

Our Philosophy

There is no one size fits all, there is no such thing as a daft question. Business is complex and if you stand still in effect you go backwards.  Whether a start up or established business we will look at what you need to get to the next level and help you get there. We form a team with our clients and have a one team philosophy. Getting your message right is our priority.

Our Approach

The first thing our team will want to know is what you want to achieve and if you don’t know it we can help you work it out. Once we know what is needed then we can bring the relevant experts to bear and advise and if wanted, deliver what is needed to meet your requirements. We are not affiliated to any one school of thought or process, we deliver what is needed for you.

Its all about the bottom line

Business is there to do one thing, make money however, your image, your messaging, your reputation are critical to that. We want to give you the best you deserve, let us help take your business to the next level.  We focus on your business needs, not our answers. We focus on what is best for your bottom line, not our invoice.

Analyse your needs

There is no point delivering what you don’t need so the first thing is finding out what your real requirements are.  This sounds deceptively simple but in reality can be complex and is the most important part of looking at any business.  Our approach uses military planning principles adapted for business.  The question we continuously ask is “what is the effect you are trying to achieve?” All campaigners need to be targeted with military like precision.

Design your campaign

Based on what you are trying to do and the effects you are trying to achieve, we work out the best way to deliver that. We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions as they are always a compromise, we focus on what you need for your bottom line. Why should you compromise on your business, get your marketing and PR properly focused.

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Keeping your business moving

Let the Grey Hare Marketing team take the strain and deliver your campaign. An initial chat costs nothing, what have you got to lose?


I had some direct input into how to organize my business and Philip was generated a marketing plan for me he is a excellent business man and has produced some great results thanks – Mark Humphrey –  MK Security Specialist LTD

Invaluable mentor working with us as a developing new business to help us understand our aims and objectives. Offered advice, strategies, solutions and clarity on how to increase our international profile, expand and develop both in the UK and developing markets. Judith Hyde – Director North Bristol NHS Trust

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