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With over 30 years of Security experience, setting requirements, auditing solutions, delivering training, writing policy and commenting we have the Grey Hair of experience.

Get It Done With Us

There is no such disciplines as physical security and cyber security, they are one, it is all security. The physical world is more connected than ever to the virtual world, the virtual world is merely a portal from one physical environment to another.  We bring the experts together to deliver on your needs, not to deliver a set solution.

Our Philosophy

If there is no threat why have a lock on the door? it is often the case where security providers have their way of delivering security, it works in most cases, but it is solution driven and not threat and requirement driven. Our approach is to do what is needed to mitigate any threat using a combination of solutions, training, indicators and warnings as well as understanding what policy says must happen.

Our Approach

The first thing our team will want to know is the threat. What are you really trying to secure and why? What is your appetite for risk and how do you manage it? Once we know that then we can advise and if wanted deliver what is needed to meet your requirements. We are not affiliated to any one technology or training provider, we deliver what is needed for you.

Its all about business

Security must be a business enabler. It must help deliver your bottom line, it must help protect your vulnerabilities that could damage that bottom line, it must improve your business processes. If it doesn’t and it is just there because someone thinks you need it, then it is wrong for your business. We focus on your business needs, not our answers.

Analyse the Threat

The threat drives everything and it is often dynamic. We have the ability so look at the threat to you and your business today and establish a base line and then to allow that to be dynamically updated should anything change. Dynamism is the key, staying one step ahead is the outcome. 

Bring together the capabilities you need

We bring together capabilities, capabilities to enhance your business, to mitigate your risks, to protect your most vital business assets. We don’t provide ‘off the shelf’ solutions as they are always a compromise. Why should you compromise on your business for someone else solution?

Keeping your business secure doesn’t have to be difficult

Let the Grey Hare Security team take the strain and give you advice. Our initial chat costs nothing, what have you got to lose?

"Philip is a consummate professional and a very capableindividual. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as afirst class operator."

– Peter Houlis CEO 2020 Vision and Director at The Security Institute

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