Pink Camouflage: One soldier’s story from trauma and abuse to resilience and leadership

by Gemma Morgan

Some thoughts by Philip INGRAM MBE

Personal, Harrowing, Shocking, Brave a lived reality

I was monitoring the Kosovo Verification Mission and knew what they were up to and the difficulties there were in a poorly planned, hastily put together and questionably led mission. I knew of Gemma but didn’t know her until I followed her story after she left the military. I have been championing justice for victims of sexual assault, abuse and more with my colleagues in the Independent Defence Authority and we have heard hundreds of shocking and shockingly similar stores. However, it never stopes me being in awe of the bravery shown when someone articulates their story so well. Gemma has laid so much, so very personal out for us all to read, my respect for her is immeasurable. Harrowing, Shocking, bravely told, so well told, so well written – her book brings her experiences into reality – her description of those dark places experience sends some veterans is so clear for this of use who have been there too – she highlights issues that are still real today within the Services –

This book falls into a must read category – you can get a copy from AMAZON Here: