Beacons of Hope

Beacons of Hope

Beacons of Hope

by Philip Ingram MBE

As part of its preparation to ensure this Christmas is the safest and most secure possible for the all the Global Cyber Security Centre, has issues a warning of a new phenomenon they believe will have a global impact. It is not unusual for the US Cyber and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to issue alerts around impending threats but to date they have missed this one.

As more and more devices become part of everyone’s home, trying to ensure devices without ulterior uses is always a challenge. Manufacturers often try and squeeze something in to aid their functionality and this can be exploited by threat actors. You don’t want to start me on devices that require apps to function, people just don’t realise what permissions they are giving when the click accept to app terms and conditions.

However, one thing that comes from nosing around seasonal trends and lights up the curiosity like a bright red beacon is when you discover something new. It doesn’t have to be complicated and in today’s society of gloom doom, strikes, recession and war, what we need is something that delivers hope.

Sponsored by the Big Red team in the Artic Circle the beacons of hope twinkle silently as they are blown around by the waves of love that overpower all of the hate and negativity that seems to engulf us. For one night of the year, for one day that hope is everywhere being delivers at speed by our old friend Stanley, Arthur, Nigel, Thomas, Arbuthnot, or SANTA for short.

So a few facts we rarely hear about SANTA. His sleigh moves at 650 miles per second, 3,000 times the speed of sound. This makes Rudolf a very special type of reindeer as a conventional reindeer can run at a maximum of about 15 miles per hour.

You can track him courtesy of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) here:

Merry Christmas and a Safe and peaceful 2023 to all from the Grey Hare Media Team

New Super Spreader Identified

New Super Spreader Identified

New Super Spreader Identified

Worrying reports have emerged of a new super spreader of something that puts is significantly faster than the current OMICRON version of COVID. So concerned are global agencies that the most secret monitoring capabilities across the globe are being coordinated through the US Based NORAD headquarters in order to monitor, track and examine the effects of this super spreader.

Code named Atnas after a traditional global phenomenon scientists predict that this particular issue will last a full 24 hours but effects will be almost immediate and unlike any forms of COVID will be instantaneous across the globe. It has been recognised utilising historical analysis and the latest AI driven intelligence forward predictive analysis that the maximum effect will be amongst those in their pre-teenagers, but different symptoms will be felt by older individuals within families.

Symptoms of the new Atnas variant are different to any from COVID, in up to 99% of cases there is an uncontrollable tremor in the mouth region with muscle tightening and twitching, grinning is the clear sign. It is also recognised that the stimulation of the lacrimal glands resulting in excessive eye watering can occur and some have been known to burst into Song, heralding the onset of many of the symptoms.

Those with symptoms of the Antas super spreader are often known to hear bell like tinkles, snow crunched and thundering like noises similar to hoofs on roofs. History has suggested this is not new and many potential remedies exist in tales of yesteryear ranging from Whiskey (yes the e is very important, and no it isn’t Rye whiskey!) or Sherry, Carrots and Mince Pies.

So concerned about the intelligence surrounding this Super Spreader, the Global Recognition Identification Node, controlled by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD has set up a specialist tracking facility to ensure they can see the spread of what the super spreader is delivering – An OTAN – NATO Spokesperson says “we are aware of this phenomenon and will be assisting out NORAD Colleagues in Monitoring the progress of  Atnas – Santa as joy and happiness is spread across the globe.”

From all of the Grey Hare Media team we wish everyone a very safe, peaceful and healthy Christmas and New year with a special thanks to the NHS teams and all who work with them not just at this time of the year but always. Thank you for making 2022 possible.

PS – You can Track Santa’s progress HERE: