Prevent – A must Do

Prevent – A must Do

Prevent – A must do for all

Prevent part of the UK’s Counter Terrorism Strategy known as CONTEST. Prevent works to stop individuals from getting involved or supporting terrorism or extremist activity. Radicalisation is a psychological process where vulnerable and/or susceptible individuals are groomed to engage into criminal, terrorist activity.

The Prevent Programme is designed to safeguard people in a similar way to safeguarding processes to protect people from gang activity, drug abuse, and physical and sexual abuse.

Prevent is one of four strands of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, known as Contest. It was created by the Labour government in 2003 and its remit was widened by the coalition government in 2011.

The other strands are: Prepare, Protect and Pursue.

Prevent is designed to support people at risk of joining extremist groups and carrying out terrorist activities.

About 7,500 referrals were made to the scheme in 2015-16 – the equivalent of 20 a day

Action was taken in one in every 10 cases.

No action at all was taken in 37% of the cases,

¼ of people referred were found to be vulnerable but not at risk of terrorist involvement.

The remaining 28% were still being considered.

Just over half related to Islamist extremism and nearly

One in 10 were linked to far-right extremism

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